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RAPEX Notification Reports

The following notifications are announced by the RAPEX network -the Rapid Alert System for non-food dangerous products- and concern products that pose a risk in health and safety of the consumers. These products are found in the European Market by Member States and other European countries that participate in the system.

Below are recent notifications published by RAPEX and concern products related to marine/nautical activities. The complete list of the notifications can be found here.

Week of announcement
Product/ manufacturer / Type
Country of origin
Week 40 - Ref. Number 1596
Pleasure boat / Kimple / 330 Angler/ 365 Adventure, 450 Adventure , AB-E-360 , AB –E430. The boat could also be sold under Catch , 370 Catch, 430 Catch , 400 Adventure , 410 other model names.

Country of origin:
Open aluminum Pleasure boat

The boats do not provide adequate protection against falls overboard. The manoeuvrability of the boats and the strength of the hulls are both not sufficient
The products do not comply with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive.
Week 33- Ref. Number 1266
PWC / SEADOO/Spark MY 2014

Country of origin:
Personal Watercraft for recreational purposes.
The steering column / handlebar may have been manufactured incorrectly and could break causing the operator to lose his or her balance.
Recall of product from end users.

Products were found and measures were taken also in France.
Week 29 - Ref. Number 1128
MT 400/401/403

Country of origin: Australia.
Emergency position indicating radio beacon for marine use used to alert the coastguard and rescue authorities in case of an emergency.
A fault in the microprocessor may effectively shut the beacon down . as a consequence the beacon may not work in an emergency situation.
Recall of product from end users.

Products were found and measures were taken also in Ireland, Denmark,
Greece and Belgium.

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