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Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM) has recently launched a consultation to co-create a long-term maritime strategy, supported by those working in or connected to the maritime sector, across all disciplines.

The second of the three campaign phases, focuses on digital transformation. This phase is entirely focussed on digitalisation and encourages industry stakeholders to comment on how Cyprus can help navigate the challenges of this new digital era, making changes that will benefit the shipping industry for years to come.

Cyprus recognises that the rollout of digital technologies and data-driven solutions and platforms across the commercial shipping world continues at pace. Digitalisation affects all maritime infrastructure and operations, with the potential to reduce administration and transport costs, allow better maintenance and support to crews, improve safety regulations, and enable fully automated and autonomous vessels.

From electronic verification of Registry certificates and the reservation of vessel names, to registration applications, online submission of required documents, and electronic signatures, the Cyprus Registry is changing its processes and procedures to maximise simplicity and efficiency.

Cyprus believes, too, that increasing automation will enable unmanned maritime systems and related services, eventually leading to automated and autonomous vessels. This provides great potential to reduce transport costs and increase operational safety.

Commenting on this new phase of the campaign, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister, Vassilios Demetriades said, “At the Cyprus SDM, we are making significant progress to simplify formalities and transform our services to a paperless environment. With constant innovation, we are making things more efficient; more advanced, but less complicated; more automated, but no less human.

“Many of the latest improvements in digital performance are from the deployment of a new generation of digital tools that are more powerful, more insightful and that draw upon a larger body of data than ever before. Shipping’s digital pioneers are also learning from the needs of their users, developing new iterations of their solutions that provide a more intuitive, user-friendly experience, whether on the bridge of the ship or in the fleet management team at head office. To understand where we can make the most effective progress, we are asking for the industry to tell us what more we can do to embrace technological changes realising the benefits while safeguarding against the pitfalls.”

As the digital transformation accelerates, the global shipping community must effectively collaborate in order to ensure a productive and efficient transition into this new era. We value your opinions, and believe them integral to the success of shipping’s bright and prosperous future.

To contribute to Cyprus’ strategic vision for shipping, please visit the website and submit your feedback by responding to the relevant questions.