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In response to these unprecedented and rapidly changing conditions, as well as the need for continuous updates and information arising from this force majeure situation, the Cyprus Maritime Administration has prepared this page in order to provide to the shipping community all necessary information related to the measures taken due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

It has to be emphasized that the Shipping Deputy Ministry remains fully operational and continues to provide its high-quality services without any disruption, so that all ships registered under the Cyprus flag will continue to operate as usual.

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Cyprus supports seafarers with formal crew changeover process.

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Circular 12/2020: Procedure for facilitating crew changes within the framework of the gradual relaxation of the Restrictive Measures applicable during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Circular 9/2020: Tonnage Tax for Owners of Cyprus ships and Cyprus Registry Maintenance Annual Fee- Extension of date of payment during COVID-19 outbreak.
Circular 8/2020: Urgent Provisional Measures for the operation of Cyprus ships during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Circular 7/2020: EU Commission Interpretative Guidelines on EU passenger rights regulations in the context of the developing situation with COVID-19.
Circular 6/2020: Special arrangements by the Shipping Deputy Ministry for the provision of services during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Circular 5/2020: Coronavirus Disease “COVID-19” - Updates on precautions to be taken to minimise risks to seafarers, passengers and others on board ships.
Circular 3/2020: Novel Coronavirus - Precautions to be taken to minimise risks to seafarers, passengers and others on board ships

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Announcement of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works related to the Restrictive Measures at Ports and Port Installations against COVID-19.

Information about COVID-19 may be obtained from the following websites:
Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus
World Health Organization
International Maritime Organization
European Maritime Safety Agency