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Limassol, December 20, 2023

The National Maritime Spatial Plan was approved today, 20 December 2023, by the Council of Ministers.

The Maritime Spatial Plan determines the spatial and temporal distribution of relevant current and future activities and uses in the marine waters of the Republic. The aim of the Plan is to contribute to supporting and promoting sustainable development at sea, applying an ecosystem approach and taking into account economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects, as well as promoting the coexistence of related activities and uses.

Through the Maritime Spatial Plan, the Republic aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the offshore energy sector, maritime transport, fisheries and aquaculture, maritime and coastal tourism and the extraction of raw materials, as well as the protection of marine antiquities and the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment, including resilience to the effects of climate change.

The draft Maritime Spatial Plan was prepared under the coordination of the Shipping Deputy Ministry, which chairs the Maritime Spatial Planning Committee, taking into account the main priorities, goals and strategic guidelines for the marine waters of the Republic, as defined in the Policy Statement on Maritime Spatial Planning.

The Maritime Spatial Plan will enter into force immediately and all uses and activities in the marine waters of the Republic should comply with it.