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  • MARPOL, AFS Convention, Ballast water management, ship’s dismantling (Hong Kong Convention and EU regulation), London Dumping Convention and the related EU legislation, pollution prevention aspects of the IBC, IGC, BCH and CGC Codes and the NOx Code.
  • Approval of SOPEP’s and of SMPEP’s.
  • Investigation of violations of statutory provisions.
  • Examination and approval of equivalent arrangements, temporary permits and exemptions from compliance with statutory provisions.
  • Climate Change and Green House Gas issues.
  • Carriage of dangerous goods and matters relating to SOLAS chapter VII and the IMDG and IMSBC Codes and the related EU legislation (Pollution Prevention Aspects).
  • Underwater Pipelines for Hydrocarbons.
  • Reception Facilities and the related EU legislation.
  • Protection of the Mediterranean Sea and matters relating to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols.
  • Coordination of response to oil spills marine pollutions incidents.
  • Issues related to Offshore activities in Cyprus

    Public Access Rights to Environmental Information
    Register of local suppliers of marine fuel
    Cyprus Oil Pollution Response Exercise "NIRIIS 2012" - Report
    List of companies and software for Electronic Oil Record Books approved for use by Cyprus flagged ships - Notification as per Circular 19/2017 - para. 11
    Latest Circulars relating to Marine Environment
    Reports of sea trials with Bio-fuels