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Coastal Passenger Vessels with valid Safety Certificate

According to the Coastal and other Passenger vessel Regulations of 2012 (P.I. 278/2012), “coastal passenger vessel” or “vessel” means a marine craft or a high speed small vessel in accordance with article 2 of The High Speed Small Vessels Laws of 1992 to 2001, which performs routes for the transport of passengers to and from different parts of the coast of the Republic, sea tours, education and training, amateur fishing, diving, embarkation or disembarkation to another vessel or ship or other related activity along the coast of the Republic and includes a small passenger vessel.

Vessels shall be subjected to initial inspection, periodical inspections and occasional inspections. Inspections are carried out provided that the owner of the vessel submits a written application for inspection.

The sign on of crew of foreign nationals on coastal passenger vessels and / or small passenger vessel the provisions of Circular 9/2004 and Circular 10/2004 apply.

Fishing Vessels
According to Law N. 60(I)/2002 all newly build fishing vessels with length between perpendiculars ≥15m or existing fishing vessels with length between perpendiculars ≥18m must be inspected every year. A written application must be submitted by the owner/manager of the vessel.

  • Application form for the inspection of coastal passenger vessel
  • Application form for the inspection of fishing vessel

    High Speed Small Vessels and Safety Requirements