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On 4.2.2022, "The Protection of Persons Reporting Violations of Union and National Law", Law 6(I)/2022, was published. *

Law 6(I)/2022 provides, among other things, the provision of protection to persons who submit a report in relation to specific violations of European Union law, acts or omissions related to the commission or possible commission of a criminal offense or with non-compliance of a person with their legal obligation, violations that pose or are likely to endanger the safety or health of any person, violations that cause or are likely to cause damage to the environment.

Persons who are entitled to protection are the persons who report violations of European Union law, persons who report violations of national law, third parties connected with the above persons and who may suffer retaliation in a work context and legal persons belonging to the above persons or for whom the above persons work or are associated with an employment relationship.

In case you wish to submit a report on issues which fall under the scope of activities of the Shipping Deputy Ministry, you may use the "Report Submission Form".

For more information in relation to the process of submitting and handling a report, you may refer to Circular No. 8/2024.

*(available only in Greek)