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The Shipping Deputy Ministry, aiming to regulate the Bareboat Chartering activity of pleasure boats in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus under "Bareboat " terms of chartering (i.e. renting them without providing a crew and skipper) proceeded in the issuance of Circular 22/2022 (currently available only on Greek) which defines the conditions that must be met by companies and vessels under their management to practice this activity.

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  • Circular 22/2022 (unofficial translation)
  • Annex I of Circular 22/2022 (Chartering Company’s operational Log Book)
  • Annex II of Circular 22/2022(Note for Vessel’s Departure)
  • Annex III of Circular 22/2022 (Appointment of Authorized Representative)
  • Annex IV of Circular 22/2022 (Technical Requirements for Bareboat Charter Vessels)
  • Application for pleasure craft bareboat chartering activity

    Below is a list of the companies with valid attestation of bareboat chartering operation and their crafts which have valid attestation of inspection:
    1. Globalia Yachting Limited (valid until the 28/06/2024)