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On the occasion of Cyprus' participation in the International Maritime Exhibition "Posidonia 2024", a discussion on the challenges of shipping was held yesterday, 6 June 2024, by the newspaper "Akti Miaouli" in Athens.

The discussion was attended by the Shipping Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis, together with the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy of Greece, Mr. Christos Stylianides, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Goodwill Ambassador for Maritime Affairs and Shipping, Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Eugenides and the Prime Minister's Special Advisor for Energy, Mr. Nikos Tsafos. The debate was moderated by the journalist Mr. Antonis Alafogiorgos.

Firstly, the Shipping Deputy Minister referred to the recent geopolitical developments and how these developments affect maritime trade in Cyprus and Greece. She then pointed out the importance of cooperation, compliance and implementation of international law in order to have international solutions for the benefit of all in order to strengthen our resilient shipping industry.

The necessary transition to "green" shipping, based on the timetables set by the International Maritime Organization, is something that is of great concern to the shipping community and was discussed at length at yesterday's event. Carbonization was described as the "big gamble of the future" by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy of Greece, Mr. Christos Stylianides. The Shipping Deputy Minister emphasized the competitiveness of Cyprus in Europe and the importance of countries being in a framework that will be helpful for all, as far as the issue of transition to green technologies is concerned and how important it is not to stray from our goal. It was mentioned, among other things, that the actions of the Republic of Cyprus focus on environmental incentives for new technologies that can bring tangible results.

Another issue on which they exchanged views is the role of Cyprus as an emerging power in shipping and the issues of maritime studies especially for young people and how the maritime profession can be further promoted in Greece and Cyprus.

Regarding the synergies between Cyprus and Greece within the community or bilateral cooperation framework, the Shipping Deputy Minister referred to the development of joint actions and initiatives for the creation of prospects for the sustainable operation of the maritime passenger connection between Cyprus and Greece, as well as for the strengthening of cooperation and exchange of know-how regarding the digitalization of the services of the registers of the two countries.

Regarding the role of women in shipping, the Shipping Deputy Minister expressed her satisfaction for the actions of both the Deputy Ministry and the Government in general for gender equality and referred to the Gender Equality Award in Cyprus Shipping which was awarded for the first-time last May.

The Deputy Minister pointed out the strength of Cyprus shipping, which enables us to have a strong voice, to participate constructively and productively in policy making, always aiming at the sustainable development of global shipping, with positions based on timeless principles and values.

Finally, the important development was discussed, concerning more generally the cooperation, credibility, consistency and firm commitment to timeless values and principles, which is embodied in the 'AMALTHEIA' initiative undertaken by Cyprus, where a secure mechanism for the transfer of aid from Cyprus to Gaza has been established. An initiative which enjoys international recognition and support, highlighting the credibility and ability of the Republic of Cyprus to participate constructively in the effort to solve regional and global problems and challenges.

The debate can be watched at the link below.
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Limassol, 7 June 2024

Participation of the Shipping Deputy Minister in a discussion organized by the newspaper Participation of the Shipping Deputy Minister in a discussion organized by the newspaper