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On Wednesday, July 5, 2023, the Shipping Deputy Minister, Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis, had a meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus, Ms. Julie D. Fisher. Welcoming the Ambassador, Ms. Hadjimanolis expressed her warm wishes to Ms. Fisher and the American people on the occasion of the celebration of the 247th anniversary of the 'Declaration of Independence' of the United States of America.

The Shipping Deputy Minister noted the excellent relations and the outstanding cooperation between the two countries on issues related to shipping, particularly in the context of international organizations. Ms. Hadjimanolis referred to the excellent relations of Cyprus with the U.S. delegation at the IMO, where constructive cooperation is achieved in matters of security and protection, as well as in significant environmental issues.

During the meeting, issues such as blue growth, the impact of sanctions on Cyprus shipping, and the decarbonization of shipping were discussed among others. Both sides stressed the importance of the commitment of the entire maritime sector to the "Declaration on Zero Emission Shipping by 2050," which aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 from shipping activities.

In conclusion, the Shipping Deputy Minister informed the U.S. Ambassador about the upcoming "Maritime Cyprus Conference 2023", scheduled to take place between 8-11 October, 2023, and thanked her for the constructive meeting and the support provided so far, assuring the continuation and further development of the cooperation between the two sides in the shipping sector.