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The Council of the International Maritime Organization, at its 130th session, decided to award the first IMO GENDER EQUALITY AWARD to the Cypriot candidate, Ms. Despina Theodosiou.

The Shipping Deputy Minister, Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis, who is currently in London to participate at the 33rd IMO Assembly, congratulated Ms. Despina Theodosiou for the award and for her remarkable achievements and for her unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality in the maritime sector, which have truly set a benchmark for excellence in our sector.

Ms. Theodosiou's nomination was submitted by the Shipping Deputy Ministry. Ms. Despina Theodosiou embodies the essence of this award, since through her work and actions, she contributes significantly to the promotion of gender equality in the maritime sector.

This is the first International Maritime Organization's Gender Equality Award, since it was established following the approval by the Council, at its 128th session, and we are proud that Cyprus, through Ms. Theodosiou's nomination, is the first country to be awarded within this context.

The purpose of the Award is to accord recognition to individuals, irrespective of their gender, who have made significant contributions to advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women in the maritime sector.

November 23, 2023