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3rd June 2024

The Shipping Deputy Minister to the President, Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis, is in Athens since yesterday, June 2nd, on the occasion of Cyprus's participation in the International Maritime Exhibition "Posidonia 2024", which is held every two years and is the largest maritime exhibition worldwide. Exhibitors from all sectors related to shipping from more than eighty countries are participating in the exhibition, including Cyprus with around seventy companies. At the same time, the opportunity is provided for the global shipping community, through various activities, to discuss the global challenges facing the sector.

During her visit to Athens, the Shipping Deputy Minister will participate in events and workshops and also as a panel speaker, organised within the framework of the exhibition. As part of the continuous efforts to promote and strengthen Cyprus shipping, the Deputy Minister will hold meetings with shipping companies as well as her Ministerial counterparts and Ambassadors of countries with a particular interest in shipping.

On Wednesday, June 5th, the Shipping Deputy Minister will host a reception on the occasion of the ‘Posidonia 2024’, where, amongst others, the Greek shipping community as well as company executives from Europe, China, Japan and other countries are expected to attend.

The Shipping Deputy Minister visits Athens for the International Maritime Exhibition