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Cyprus was re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at the elections that took place in London on Friday 1st December 2023, during the 33rd Regular Session of Assembly of the Organization. Cyprus was nominated for re-election as one of the 20 Category C Council members.

Cyprus was first elected as a member of the IMO Council in category C in 1987. Since then, due to its successful and significant work within the Council and other bodies of the Organization, its active participation in the discussions of the Organization and its approach to the challenges of the maritime industry, it has been re-elected in the same category.

Cyprus' participation in the Council of the Organization is particularly important, as it allows Cyprus to participate in the decision-making processes that directly affect shipping, while at the same time enhancing Cyprus's position as an international maritime power.

In a statement made following the announcement of the results of the election, the Shipping Deputy Minister, Ms Marina Hadjimanolis said: "It is a great success for Cyprus to be re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organization, which proves the strong position of our country in international maritime affairs. My sincere thanks to all my colleagues at the Shipping Deputy Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for their teamwork and close cooperation in promoting our candidature."

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London, 1st December, 2023