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The Shipping Deputy Minister, Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis, is travelling today to Guangzhou in China, where she will attend the naming ceremony of the newly built cargo ship 'AAL LIMASSOL', owned by AΑL Shipping which is part of the Schoeller Holdings group of companies, owned by Mr. Heinrich Schoeller. The ship has been constructed to the highest standards and modern environmental specifications and will be registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships.

During her visit to China, the Shipping Deputy Minister will meet with the President of COSCO Bulkers, and she will hold a series of other meetings with shipowners, executives of shipping companies, financial institutions and shipyards, as part of the continuous efforts to promote and strengthen the Register of Cyprus Ships and Cyprus shipping in general, with the aim of attracting shipping companies to Cyprus and ships to the Register of Cyprus Ships.

April 23, 2024