Shipping Deputy Ministry Logo

The Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM) was established on 1st March 2018 and is proud to celebrate its two-year anniversary this year. In an industry which continues to transform, the Cyprus SDM has adapted and grown. It continues to champion Cyprus shipping and the wider maritime cluster, as well as actively participating on the global industry stage – being re-elected to the IMO’s Council as one of its 20 Category C members and actively contributing to international policy formulation on all fronts.

Since 2018, the Cyprus flag has grown extensively and ranks amongst the top international fleets, boasts a young fleet that averages seven years of age and encompasses more than 1,100 oceangoing vessels with a total gross tonnage exceeding 24.4 million. Cyprus has the third largest fleet within the European Union and continues to expand. The number of companies based in Cyprus and registered under the Cyprus tonnage tax system has also grown exponentially in the last 10 years, with more than 30% growth in the two years since the set-up of the Shipping Deputy Ministry.

Since inception, the Cyprus SDM has remained committed to providing top quality services, which includes supporting new technologies and integrating them into current operations. As well as offering a client-orientated approach, and 24/7 support, the ministry also offers a fast, efficient and cost-effective ship registration process, and a suite of online services including e-verification of certificates, an automated seafarers’ management system and a career platform for seafarers.

Natasa Pilides, Shipping Deputy Ministry, comments:

“We are passionate about providing top quality services to support our clients and part of this has involved the restructuring of the Shipping Deputy Ministry, in line with international best practices. As well as securing EU approval for our tonnage tax system for a second 10-year period, we are developing a discount scheme that will reward environmentally-friendly vessels.”

She continued: “We remain focused on blue growth and enacting our integrated maritime policy, aiming at the protection of the marine environment and the sustainable development of all maritime operations. This includes the promotion of maritime education, and innovation in marine and maritime technologies. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made so far and look forward to the partnerships, growth and improvements we can make in the next few years.”