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The documents required for the registration of a vessel under the Cyprus flag are the following:

Registry Documents
1. Application for registration of a vessel in the Register of Cyprus Ships
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, Certificates of Incorporation, Directors and Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Office of the Company. In the case of a Company established outside the Republic, corresponding documents from the competent foreign authority must be submitted.
3. Form M.S.57 (Form Appointment of Authorised Representative) in the case of a corporation established outside the Republic.
4. Declaration of Ownership on Behalf of a Body Corporate: M.S.3 (Vessels Below 24m), M.S.3A (ITC 69).
5. Resolutions of the Directors of the Company for the purchase of the vessel and its registration in the Register of Cyprus Ships.
6. Power of attorney authorising the person who will sign all the necessary documents on behalf and on account of the Company.
7. Bill of Sale: Bill Of Sale (Body Corporate) (ITC 69), Bill of Sale (Body Corporate) (Vessels Below 24m).
(+)8. Certificate of Deletion of the vessel from the previous registry (Certificate of Ownership and Freedom of Encumbrances may be submitted at provisional registration along with undertaking to submit Certificate of Deletion prior to permanent registration).
(+)9. Application for issue of certificate of permanent registration.

Technical/ Other Documents
10. Copy of the International Tonnage Certificate (1969) (for ships over 24m in length) or Certificate of Tonnage (for ships not exceeding 24m in length) issued by the current flag state.
11. Declaration of Owner of a Cyprus Ship (Form MSTT8 - see Circular 6/2012) in the case of a qualifying ship engaged in a qualifying shipping activity.
12. Confirmation of Radio Traffic Accounting Authority (where applicable).
13. Confirmation of Classification Society (as per Circular 20/2001 requirements) (where applicable).
14. For vessels whose keel was laid before 1st October 1994, confirmation from the classification society stating that the ship is free from HALON quantity.
15. Form M.S.34 (Registration Form of a Mobile Maritime Radio Station) and copy of Shore Based Maintenance Agreement.
16. Form M.S.45 (Registration of SAR Particulars) (where applicable).
17. Application for Minimum Safe Manning Document (see Circular 12/2017).
18. Form EN04F01 - Declaration of particulars of the ISM and ISPS Codes (as per Circular 7/2019 requirements) (where applicable).
19. Certificate of Insurance for Maritime Claims, e.g. Certificate of Entry issued by the vessel´s P&I Club for vessels of a gross tonnage of 300 and above (see Law 14(I)/2012, Circulars 43/2011 and 15/2012).
20. Single Application form MSCL1 and certificate(s) of insurance (Blue Card(s)) for the issuing of:
(i) Certificate under the 2007 Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention for vessels of a gross tonnage of 300 and above (see Law 12(III)/2015, and also DMS Circular 27/2015).
(ii) Certificate under the 2001 Bunkers Convention for vessels of a gross tonnage of 1000 and above (see Law 19(III)/2004 and also section “Civil Liability Certification”).
(iii) Certificate under the 1992 CLC Convention for tankers with a carrying capacity above 2000 tons (see Law 63/1989 as amended, consolidated text in English is available in section “Civil Liability Certification”).
(iv) Certificate to passenger vessels in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 392/2009 on the liability of carriers of passengers by sea in the event of accidents (where applicable).
+21. Copy of Conformance Test Report - as per Circular 13/2009 (where applicable).
+22. Certificate of Survey (Form M.S.1)
+23. International Tonnage Certificate (1969) (M.S.12) (for ships over 24m in total length) issued under the authority of the Republic of Cyprus or Cyprus Tonnage Certificate (M.S.12) (for ships not exceeding 24m in total length) issued in accordance with PI 126/ 93 (whichever is applicable)
+24. Ship’s Carving and Marking Note (Form M.S.32)

Documents marked with “+” are not required for Provisional Registration. The documents submitted for the registration of a vessel must be originals and duly executed, otherwise these will not be accepted.

Get the list of required documents in .pdf format from here.