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Builder’s plate(s)

The craft shall be equipped with one or two clearly and indelibly printed or engraved plates displaying all the relevant data listed below.
a) Number of this part of ISO 6185 and type(s) to which the craft conforms.
b) Name of manufacturer or importer and country of origin.
c) Serial number and date of manufacture and type or model number. It is recommended to use the Hull Identification Number (HIN) coding system as detailed in ISO 10087.
d) Maximum motor power, in kilowatts (shown by symbol).
e) Maximum number of persons (shown by symbol).
f) Maximum load capacity 3) (shown by symbol).
g) Recommended working pressure (shown by symbol).

Additional data may be supplied at the option of the manufacturer (maximum mass of motor(s), etc.). Where the HIN coding system is used, the data specified in c) need not be on the builder’s plate. For the data d) to g) inclusive, the symbols shown in Figure 4 shall be used.4)

Symbols for the builder's plate

Figure 4 — Symbols for the builder's plate