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The Cyprus Maritime Administration having recognized the importance of human element in the operation of vessel and its role in safety and pollution prevention, has taken a number of measures not only to ensure that full and complete effect is given to the provisions of the STCW78 Convention as amended, but more importantly to ensure that seafarers serving on board Cyprus flag vessels possess the knowledge and competence required for their position on board the vessel.
Cyprus Maritime Administration is committed to ensure that:
1. The provisions of the STCW78 Convention as amended are implemented by national legislation (Law 8/1985 as amended).
2. A control mechanism for following up Companies and seafarers compliance with the relevant provisions of the STCW78 Convention as amended and national legislation, and reaction on non-compliances, is established and implemented.
3. All seafarers or prospective seafarers conducting an approved training program authorized by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus are educated and trained to levels of knowledge and competence equal to or higher than those agreed internationally.
4. All maritime institutions or schools seeking approval for certification purposes by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus meet or exceed national and international agreed standards.
5. The achievement of learning objectives, training outcomes, ability, skill, proficiency and competence is effectively assessed to maintain quality.
6. Certificates are only issued to those candidates who meet all requirements and clearly demonstrate the competence for the certificate concerned.

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